After 10 years of building her own £2m TO travel and student placement business the owner wanted to move on and do something new. Key criteria were that the owner be adequately rewarded and the business be offered first of all to two key members of staff. An MBO was formulated and essential support provided to the CEO throughout.


A father and son business with 9 branches was ready for expansion. A database of desirable companies was drawn up and an independent approach by letter and phone call made by JCI Business Solutions. The anonymity of the ‘buyer’ was maintained throughout and detailed discussions were held to align what the ‘sellers’ were looking for and what the ‘buyers’ were willing to offer.


The CEO of a £4m TO business wanted to sell within 3 years but recognised his business was overly dependent on him. JCI provided coaching, clear KPI’s were agreed and staff motivation significantly increased. Four months later the business was running autonomously, and its value significantly enhanced. The CEO was able to commence the sale at a time of his choosing.