Our Ethos

Running a business is very different to selling one. You move from an area you know and are in charge of, to one where it feels like ‘the experts’ are in control. Expectations can be inflated and then dashed, suspicion can undermine trust and former colleagues can become distant and antagonistic.


At JCI Business-Solutions we look to set realistic expectations from the outset and build trust throughout the process. We ensure you are not overwhelmed and pride ourselves on our integrity and respect for others.


There are ‘business brokers’ in the market but their starting point is likely to be your business as it currently operates. If there are weaknesses they will be ignored because the focus will be on the mechanics of the sale. At JCI Business-Solutions we identify the areas that need to be improved prior to sale and work with you to address them, thereby ensuring you get the best possible price when you do sell.


Most business owners only get one shot at selling their business - we want to make sure it's your biggest ever success!

I reached out to you when I was at my lowest point and I could not be more grateful for the support you offered me. You played a very large part in me being on this new trajectory which, though it is nerve-wracking, I feel so energised to be on!

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