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JCI Business Solutions is a network of professionals dedicated to helping business owners prepare themselves and their business for ultimate sale and supporting them through the transition process.


The starting point for selling any business is to have a realistic idea of its value. We are experienced in valuing a wide range of businesses and will give you a reasoned opinion.

Personal Coaching

Do you have compelling reasons to leave – without such there may not be the energy to get the business into shape, negotiate a great deal and move on

Uplift in Staff Engagement

Is there a viable team structure in place that will stand on its own feet when you leave? If not we can help build staff motivation and free you from the day to day hassle and constant fire-fighting.

Personal Finances

What are your financial and personal requirements on the sale of your business? Where is the finance coming from to accommodate all the objectives? We will help you find the answers.

Financial Controls

Buyers will ask detailed questions around how the business performs and it is embarrassing if answers cannot be readily provided. We check your financial controls and implement robust financial processes.


First impressions last! Does the business look the part? A poor first impression creates negative perceptions that can take root. We will give you an independent assessment.

Finding a Buyer

We help identify potential buyers, not just competitors but those who could gain a strategic advantage by purchasing your company eg the entry to a new market. By making the initial introductions in our name, your anonymity is respected, no one knows you are looking to sell and no negative rumours emerge.


Discussions around significant amounts of money can get tense, owner managers can feel isolated and the ego can get in the way and block understanding. We will be at your side during discussions and help you find win win solutions – they are the only ones that really work.


Buyers need to know everything is ‘ship shape’. Where required we will draft or review contracts of employment, disciplinary procedures, internet and anti-discrimination policies.


For a free evaluation of your own ‘readiness for sale’ and initial pointers on the best way forward, enter your details below. We will send you a questionnaire for completion and subsequently organise a 30 minute video call to give you our thoughts.

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