The JCI Story

Co-founder John Reynard ran a healthcare market research company with a TO more than £2m, an enviable bottom line and blue-chip clients from across Europe and the USA.


Turning 60 he decided it was time to move on. Letting go was a challenge. He and his wife had spent years devoted to the business and he found it hard to imagine who he would be without it.

It was difficult to find anyone who could help, who could talk through the options and help him get his business in the best shape for sale and ultimately get the best price.


The first commercial lawyer was reputably well versed in business transfer but he failed to keep abreast of developments and did not share John’s values. It took a further year for John to find a competent adviser.


The mechanics of the transaction were eventually put in place but the relationship aspects got left behind, leading to a period of mediation.


The MBO did come to a successful conclusion, John and his wife were generously rewarded, and the business went from strength to strength. BUT it was all a much longer journey than anticipated.


Considering his own experience John decided he would like to help other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. He joined forces with accountant Ian Coombes and lawyer Chris Mason, both with in-depth experience of business sale and a mutual interest in taking a holistic approach. JCI Business Solutions was created and quickly thereafter business consultant Penny Flack with her own interests in assisting organisations tap into their creativity joined the team.

John Reynard
Business Coach

In my early 30’s I created and sold a restaurant. Later I founded a market research company which became one of the fastest growing and most profitable in its sector in Europe and I eventually sold that in a management buyout. I understand how emotionally challenging it can be to sell one’s business, how difficult it is to let go and I am familiar with the tensions that can arise during negotiations involving large sums. I enjoy business and I like businesspeople. My aim is to pass on my insight to others as they journey through the greatest sale of their lives.


Ian Coombes
Chartered Accountant

As an accountant I am always curious about people’s businesses and their life cycle from creation through to sale and beyond. Drawing on my experiences from my own business – March Consulting (East Anglia) Ltd – I work with JCI clients in an individual and tailored way to explore the financial opportunity and risks of business sale or growth and how these can be balanced with the owner’s ambitions.


Penny Flack
Business Consultant

People are at the heart of your business, they are your greatest asset. I work with businesses to help their people ‘shine through’ and add value to business performance. Creative tools play a significant part in the way that I approach my work with people; exploring and unlocking individual and team creativity benefits individual development and business performance.


Chris Mason

My work as a lawyer is all about helping my clients with the complexities of their lives and their businesses. I enjoy the intellectual and tactical challenges that are inherent in both personal and business transactions and disputes. Drawing on my experience as a lawyer with Bates Wells & Braithwaite, I help JCI clients navigate their way through these matters, and to achieve the best possible outcome.